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More About the Truck Repairs We Provide

When it comes to professional truck services, the expert mechanics at Downtown Fleet Services are here to address your needs. Located in Baton Rouge, LA, our company has grown from an unknown business to a premier place, visited by numerous truck drivers and trucking companies, thanks to our wide range of services, including:

truck repair shop

Truck Repair Shop

Transmission Services 

Our truck store is also known as a transmission shop, known for having any parts and covering any job needed. Feel free to swing by and let our technicians service the transmission of your heavy-duty vehicle. 


We can transport your heavy-duty vehicle to any location you pick. Just make sure you plan our hauling service, in advance. 


If you find yourself stranded with your truck on the road, do not hesitate to call us. We will come as quickly as possible with our tow truck, ready to take your heavy-duty vehicle to any location you point out. 

Brakes Services 

We specialize in servicing the brake chambers of your truck, making sure compressed air is allowed to be converted into mechanical force. Get in touch with our heavy-duty mechanics to find out what else we can do for your brakes. 

Oil Change 

A simple oil change is an easy task for our mechanics. Just come by our truck shop when you notice that your heavy-duty vehicle needs it, and we will make sure to do our job the right way. 

Engine Replacement 

We will safely pull out the engine of your truck and place a brand new one, properly. All while making sure we do our job, quickly and for a cost that you can afford. 

Compressors Work 

To make sure your truck operates with flawless refrigerant circulation, be sure to address any compressor work to our mechanics. We promise excellent results. 

Automotive Repairs 

We can handle various automotive repairs on your heavy-duty vehicle. We offer brakes servicing, oil changes, as well as battery replacements, tire services, and much more. We can also add antifreeze and much more. 

Diesel Services 

Our truck mechanics can service both gas and diesel truck engines. Whether your diesel engine lacks power, is hard to start, or there’s white smoke coming out, our mechanics will quickly solve any problem. 

Flat Tire Replacement 

A flat tire on your truck? Nothing to worry! Get in touch with our roadside assistance team and they will be on their way. We will quickly replace your flat tire with a new one, making sure your heavy-duty vehicle is good to go. 

Computer Diagnostics 

We can make computer diagnostics on commercial trucks only. Be sure to gain further information from our mechanics upon call. 

Starters and Alternators 

We can service electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic starters, as well as one of the main components of your vehicle’s charging system. We can service automotive and diesel alternators. 

Clutch Repairs 

If there is any slippage while the clutches are engaged, then this is a problem you need to address to our mechanics. We will prevent any slipping of your clutches, thus protect your truck from any heat cracks on the surface of the flywheel.


Whether you want to upgrade or maintain the suspension of your truck, our truck repair shop is open and awaits your arrival. 

Truck Trailer 

Apart from commercial heavy-duty trucks, we can service truck trailers as well. We can take care of different body component damage, pneumatic element repairs, liftgate repairs, etc. 

Tire Service 

In addition to changing flat tires in the middle of the road, we can ensure that all the tires of your heavy-duty vehicle are properly balanced, as well as provide mechanical work. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

Heavy Duty Truck Services

You can rely on our mechanics for heavy commercial semi truck repair, heavy duty towing, heavy duty AC repair, heavy duty clutch repair, and engine plate replacement jobs. We also offer heavy duty commercial tire services.

Contact our mechanics and visit our truck shop in Baton Rouge, LA. You can learn more about the services that Downtown Fleet Services offers and request an estimate by dialing (225) 217-6253. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

Services List

  • Transmission Repairs
  • Engine Replacement
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Diesel Services
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Starters and Alternators
  • Flat Tire Replacement
  • Tire Service
  • Compressors Repairs
  • Automotive Repair
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Truck Trailer
  • Hauling and Truck Towing
  • Oil Change
  • Brakes Services


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