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When you’ve been driving your truck for a long time already, you can expect that different parts will get damaged. There are parts like the transmission that can wear out over time since this is always being used when driving. If you have a damaged transmission, you can always go to a truck repair shop in Baton Rouge, LA. A reliable shop in that area you can go to is Downtown Fleet Services.

When Repairing a Transmission System

The first sign of transmission problems you notice, you should always drive over to our shop as quickly as possible so that we can still repair it without spending more money on it. It’s highly advised that you do this because there may be some parts in your transmission that can still be saved if you don’t break it too much. There are different kinds of transmission problems that should be handled right away. An example is when the transmission fluid is leaking already. You can notice this problem when the middle area of your car where the shifter is located is hotter than usual. Come to us and let us do the transmission repairs on your truck.

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We have been able to encounter different kinds of transmission problems and all of them we have properly repaired. We are able to repair it without any problems because of our years of experience. Our team of expert mechanics are all highly skilled and have extensive knowledge when it comes to trucks. When we repair a transmission, we make it a point that we repair all of the issues that it’s experiencing. We will look for any underlying transmission problems so that you won’t have to encounter them in the future.

Still haven’t found a reliable truck repair shop in Baton Rouge, LA? If so, then you have the option to choose Downtown Fleet Services for that. If you need our services, call us at (225) 217-6253.

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